What is really sad is that Boulder did this to itself. Boulder has always been dope and drunk Town. It’s just gotten worse and worse and worse.

He killed two because he was stoned on pot and blasted through an intersection.

Boulder beer and pot. Recently a drunk girl in a pickup hit hit and killed a  cyclist. She is the latest #Boulder who was wasted and killed somebody on the road. A few weeks back a teenage boy hit a couple in a Honda Fit and killed them both at foothills and Arapahoe. He was stoned on pot. and he got off light. The girl went to prison for 12 years.
Boulder is actually obsessed with drinking and drugging. Boulder is the drunk Town. Boulder is the stoned to town. Boulder moved in all these microbrews and pot shops which added to the rate of drug addiction and alcoholism though public officials deny it.

People ask why don’t the police set up sobriety checkpoints.? My answer it to that is the ACLU, City Council and City attorney have gotten in the way of that and won’t allow it.

She ran over a cyclist. She was on her 3rd dui

Why did Boulder move all of these pot shops in to the community get everybody Stoned on dope and now we have people killing each other on the streets from balconies with hammers what have you done?

We have more liquor licenses than you can shake a stick at. There are beer halls all over.

So I will say it again and I’ve said it before and I’ve been saying it for the past 20 years. The city of Boulder officially pushes dope and alcohol on its youth and now those chickens have come home to roost. You can’t ride a bike on the street. you can’t cross in a crosswalk, you can’t drive down the street without being at risk todrunk and stoned drivers.

Seriously my neighbors and I had a chat afternoon and we counted the amount of times in the past two weeks that drunk and stoned drivers have recklessly driven through the city nearly hit us.

This recklessness really is on the city council period. They caused all of this. How so ?? They brought in all these liquor licenses you opened up all these Dope Shops…