Council Dearest,
( I notice yawl respond to me when I write to you individually and not as a group so)
Boulder County Public Health Addiction Recovery Center - Airport Rd. - Private Drug Rehab Center - Drug And Alcohol Rehabilitation

this addictions recovery center has 30 beds but it is empty! It could be used for overflow for addicts and alcoholics who sleep on street.

What happened to overflow shelter for the homeless. ? There is none. There used to be. I used to take people there.

Boulder Outreach for Homeless Overflow - BOHO - P.O.Box 1393, Boulder, CO

Its gone! City of boulder closed overflow shelter

I was informed last night by the Boulder Homeless shelter that there is no overflow shelter anymore and I would have to take people to Denver rescue Mission. what ?
what? the hell is this. ??  No wonder you have people camping all over the city.
Whose brilliant idea was it to cancel overflow beds for the homeless. ?
you need to get it back!

I worked really hard to make it happen so people would have a place to go. The shelter won’t let you in if you come after 7:00pm even if they have room and they had room last night . that’s bullshit. So the person freezes to death on our streets. C’mon council!

You know, I started

Managing scarcity - Boulder Weekly

Sleeping outside in Boulder photo from Boulder Weekly

 Boulder Cares in 1997 with a Ford bronco and some homeless guys who I mentored. We would go out each night, give out hot soup and blankets, plus transport. Sheriff Epp saw me doing it one night and asked what we were up to. so he decided to make it official, donated a jeep and crew and the /shelter took it over. I suppose that is dead now too? c’mon!

I used to run the night shift at the ARC. I still volunteer there. The ARC has 30 beds but they are always empty now. A contractor runs ARC and they dont give a damn. But BUT, the ARC is a perfect wet shelter for people who are on drugs or alcohol. they could go there every night to get out of the cold…. If only You council would get together with the sheriff and the Commissioners and make t happen.
Let’s go!!