She was killed at Ruby Ridge.

It was war on American soil. The right wing militias took on the US government on April 19th over a few decades. Though Ruby Ridge took place in August of 1992, it sparked the militia revolution. Randy Weaver was holed up in his home with his family and would not come out when federal agents tried to serve him papers. A gun fight ensued and family members  were killed.

Waco burns during assault by ATF and FBI

The Waco Siege ended on April 19th 1 year later when hundreds of innocent people were killed when the federal government assaulted a religious compound.

The Oklahoma city attack on the federal government occurred on April 19 1995 in answer to Waco and Ruby Ridge. It killed 168 federal workers and their children and injured over 600.

This date is not lost on the American Patriot movement since the battle s for Lexington and Concord were fought on April 19 1775 marking the beginning of the  American revolution. The British of course tried to put the USA under tyranny. Today is patriots day in Boston where re-enactments take place.

This is also the day (1 short) when the Boston Marathon bombing took place by radical Muslims in 2013. They wanted america under Muslim and Sharia law.

Oklahoma bomb blast smoldering

Adolf Hitlers birth day is on this day ( one day short). Hitler of course tried to put the world in slavery.

Abraham Lincolns funeral took place on this day. He was assassinated a few days earlier by people who were fighting tyranny from their point of view.

The Warsaw Ghetto uprising took place where young Jews fought the Nazis to the death in Poland. They were eventually all killed in the battle or in the gas chambers in Auschwitz.

I think I am just saying this date holds some pretty weird coincidences… and with hope no new events will take place.


Jann Scott
Boulder Colorado, an American city

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