This last week Boulder Channel 1 found a resource about tourism on Downtown Boulders website. We thought it was good as is much of what they resource, so we reprinted it in our Visitors tourism section. Holy shit, you would have thought we robbed a bank. Instead of thanking us for using their material, the twitter SM wack job at DTB started complaining. Then their whole media department started lying. They said we didn’t credit them (which of course we did)….. but worse  we used their public information. OMG horrors. No wonder Downtown boulder is going broke with PR people like that in charge.

Downtown Boulder DM girl doesn't know whether she's coming or going?

When asked why they don’t send out press releases with their fabulous information they all responded with…. If you are too fucking dumb to come to our website, you shouldn’t see it….. Incidentally, the PR people at NCAR gave the same anti media attitude.

It is this pervasive protective popular attitude among PR flacks that I find amusing. They take themselves so seriously. Time was you’d get a blow job to print their story. Now you’d get a blow job and your eyes scratched out later. I dunno. What has the lying cheating whoring world of public relations come to?? crack??  We have had a standing problem with DTB. 11/2 years ago we wanted to cover their fashion show. They turned that into a nightmare. This past year we wanted to cover band on the bricks as we have for 20 years. They turned that into a cluster fuck too. Some people should not be in charge of media or run events.

I should teach a class called “how not to fuck up a wet dream” or media relations 101: forget everything they taught you in Communications class or J-School .

From the stuck up media relations capitol of America

Jann Scott

Boulder Colorado