I know. Another news geek telling you what and who to vote for. Well, yer darn tootin. Now listen up.

For city council, you can vote for whoever the hell you want. They are all the same in my book. Well, except Ken Wilson. I don’t like him. I think he’s a controlling little sneak. He won’t take phone calls and will not co operate with the press and he’s a hider. So right there is enough to not vote for him. He works for Xcel and lies about that too. And he voted again Public Access TV so he hates free speech all to hell. And he doesn’t like me so fuck him. ūüôā

I like Lisa Morzel because she did vote for Public Access Tv  consistently. She is a big supporter of the poor and disenfranchised. A bit of a whiner, and hider but she is OK.

I do like George Karakehian. He returns phone calls, will talk to you, will talk to the press, is fair minded and honest. He is also a local Boulder businessman. So I like him.

The others , I don’t know and I don’t trust either. but they are all cut from the same cloth. Liberal, tree¬†hugging¬†anti capitalist government workers with top down mentality who embrace Group think. Fascists essentially.

The only truly important ballot issue to vote on are 2B2C which will take that coal burning piece of crap out of the hands of Xcel and put it in our hands where with hope we will tear it down in 100 years and rep/ace it with cold fusion. so no
matter how much it costs we have to do it for our children, grand children, the city, the future of Boulder, the earth and humanity. This is a no brainer. Xcel had their shot, now fuck em. It is time to Occupy Xcel and take over that god damned power plant. FUCK XCEL.

On Corporate Person hood. I am sorry I am not a commie. Leave the corporations alone.