Message to Boulder Police from Jann Scott
The Boulder Police Department have to take back our streets from the street alcoholics and pirates who prey on our citizens. It is out of control
An example is in front of the post office on 15th and walnut are a group of Street people who take over the only park bench everyday. They camp there.
They bring big sticks. They have their backpacks. And they have signs. They take over the entire bench. They won’t let any body else sit there . Another example is in front of Harvest Liquors. Last night a homeless woman was pounding a homeless guy in the face; beating him mercilessly. He was drunk and passed out and she was clubbing and attacking him. This goes on every single day in the King Soopers parking lot. Enough is enough. we have to take back our streets from Street alcoholics drug addicts pirates. I don’t call them homeless they are Street alcoholics in addicts and pirates.