crime 3

Forensic computer science can now tell you which kid on what street is most likely to commit a street crime this Saturday night. The cops are waiting right out side your door too.

American Police ‪#‎profiling‬ now use computer analysis to target neighborhoods, streets, and specific blocks. The database also predict the likelihood of crime based on specific days. Police all over the USA can now predict crime and up patrols on given days in given neighborhoods. They can even predict whom of you is more likely to commit a street crime this Saturday night. Don’t thinks so. ? Don’t be naive.

The Analysis also predicts who is more likely to commit crimes on that street: such as young black males from a specific street or building and what crime they will commit.crime 2

To say that Police don’t profile…..Hah!. oh we profile Alright, right to the member’s of your teenage gang.

But the analysis is based on numbers not color. If middle aged white guys did a lot of neighborhood street crime …. I would be bitching about being stopped by the police all the time .Well, if computer programs can pick winning baseball teams….you knew fighting crime was next . Well it is here today.

 From The Police are nice here in Boulder….

( of course we don’t have any crime and everybody is rich and carries guns , but so much for the myth of thew gun hating liberal cities…. Hell, the last two home invades got shot or beat to death with a baseball bat… Holy shit !! yep.)

Jann Scott
Boulder Colorado

Jann Scotts journal is written by talk show host jann Scott who is American voice of reason.