Mr. and Mrs. Sony won’t be able to get a job as parking attendants when this is over.

As a guy who shoots his mouth off for a living and often writes inflammatory editorials, and have a reputation for that kind of stuff. Nobody takes me seriously for what I write or  what I say on video. That’s always a mistake be cuz they play right into my jaws of death.

A lot of what I do is parody. Now does that get in the way? sometime. Being a CEO in addition to being a talk show host can be a tricky balancing act. It’s the price I pay for freedom of speech and performance.. it’s particularly interesting here in Boulder which prizes itself as a hip free city when in fact it is scaredy cat.

But what the Sony executives did was ,well, let’s just say heads are going to roll ,starting with the CEO. Why? Because. she put herself up as” I am CEO of Sony” untouchable… she is not a comic, a performer, culturalist  editorialist, or  a commentator. No she put herself up as an American businessman…… oooops; not anymore.
Nothing is private on the web.

Now what the North Koreans did by hacking into Sony is nothing short of Cyber war. On the other hand looking at it from this perspective what was Sony thinking when they made this movie? They knew North Korea was going to come after them. They had to know right? Oh no maybe they didn’t think about it. nobody thought that . North Korea is just like the crazy Muslim nations. you go ahead and make a crazy movie about Mohammad and find out what the world of Islam will do. blowing s*** up all over the United States..


Jann Scott

How dumb can you be

Boulder colorado

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