I can’t resist this. One of my Facebook friends who I’ve never met but have chatted with who is anImage may contain: 1 person attractive young woman in her forties and looks somewhat like Marilyn Monroe has this obsession with mm. She posts her pictures all the time and I must say she has quite the collection but a lot of the pictures are p*** pictures and this Facebook friend really looks like a goody two-shoes. A good girl but you know what they say about girls who look like overly good girls. But this is a riot I’ve never seen anybody on Facebook post more half naked pictures, cheesecake pictures of anybody, themselves and certainly not Marilyn Monroe.

Now as it turns out I have talked with my facebook friend and she has given me permission to print her name and give you a link to her Facebook page. She is Melissa Veith who is actually some what of a MM Fanatic .. More to come.