“Case Number 18-14541 Saturday night a 72 year old woman was getting off the bus headed north near her house at Iris and Broadway. She was slow to exit the bus. Then a Homeless women, “Angelia Marie Bowen, 4859 N Broadway, age 35, 5 2″ 115 1bs, brown hair , blue eyes”, waiting to get on the bus , pulled the woman down the stairs, and started to pummel her 8 to 12 times, stole her phone and fled. A good Samaritan in a car saw the whole incident and followed the homeless woman. The bus driver called the police who responded rapidly. Bowen was arrested and jailed. The 72 year old woman’s phone was retrieved. This all according to the 72 year old woman’s 75 year old husband who called me . ( same is said in Police report)

Jann Scott is a longtime Boulder TV reporter and Journalist.

An ambulance, fire and police came, The victim woman was transported to BCH ER where she was treated. Her face is black and blue. As of Sunday she was resting at home . She and her husband who are retired professionals wish to remain anonymous at this time. A police report is available as a matter of public record. The husband stressed his concern about attacks on the elderly by homeless thugs of any gender in Boulder.

His wife likes to take the bus into town to go to Trident. She has a new small SUV but prefers the bus for convenience and environmental reasons . In previous conversations they have both mentioned to me that the Broadway bus often has agro homeless people. Now it has proved to be unsafe for them. What is also shocking is that Bowen brazenly attacked the 72 year old woman in front of everyone. As she lay on the ground the Bowen punched the 72 year old repeatedly 8 to 12 times. This was a very violent attack.

208 bus at homeless shelter packed with homeless proves dangerous for citizens.

How many of of you have been attacked or verbally assaulted by street thugs? I know I have certainly been screamed at and once had my seat kicked on the Denver bus by agro homeless people.,  The husband wonders if his wife should carry a gun or a taser . But attackers can take those weapons from you and use them against you . Police say that happens statistically. Thugs are used to fighting . where as citizens are not,

It seems as long as Boulder treats the homeless as Pets and not address crime it will only get worse and the elderly are the victims. The 72 year old woman and her husband said that they will demand that the DA give this woman prison time no plea bargain. This was certainly felony assault. Violent offenders like this should be taken out of society and sent to one of our nice prison country clubs and not our jail. They have reported this information to the police. Jann Scott is a longtime Boulder TV Journalist and commentator.

UP DATE NOV 14 3 PM The 72 year old woman has been in contact with victims assistance from Boulder Police Department and from the DA’s office. She has been to the doctor for further treatment today. She was with detectives all day. Tomorrow there is another court hearing for the perpetrator who has already been charged with a serious felony and apparently will be charged with more. The perpetrator remains in jail Boulder. Police Department and DA’s office have been on top of this particular case. They are clearly going to send a message to street thugs: ‘ that if you beat up seniors, you’re going to spend a good long time in the State Penitentiary. That’s what I believe will happen here. Safe Boulder is meeting with a few City Council Members tonight. This problem exists because the Boulder City Council has not been willing to deal with street drug addicts, alcoholics and Street crime committed by homeless thugs…

Boulder Police chief Testa

LETTER FROM GREG TESTA BOULDER POLICE CHIEF Tue, Nov 13, 12:59 PM (1 day ago) Jann, The suspect was charged with felony assault (3rd degree at risk) and robbery on an at risk adult. These are serious charges and will be looked at by the DA’s Office as serious charges. UPDATE: As you know I re-posted this for everyone in Boulder to see and deleted the original. and I included some of the comments.


Boulder DA Michael Dougherty is taking this case seriously.

Dougherty, Michael 8:20 AM (4 hours ago) to Catherine, me Good morning – Thank you for reaching out to me about this terrible incident. If you are able to do so, please let me know the victim’s name. I want to look into it and make sure that the case is being handled properly. If you have additional contact information, that would be appreciated. Thanks again. Sincerely – Michael

LETTER FROM CHIEF OF POLICE Testa, Greg to me A felony assault needs serious bodily injury as defined by statute or bodily injury caused by a deadly weapon. I will have a detective review the case. Our Victim’s Assistance Unit will reach out to her also. Greg

LETTER FROM HUSBAND to mdougherty I am writing you about this because my wife, is still somewhat traumatized by the attack. Hopefully she can give you a full accounting of the attack. Also you may reach her at her phone number . Fortunately she still has her phone due to the quick work of the BPD. I appreciate your interest in this and hope that the attacker, will be off the streets and buses. I am attaching a photo of her injuries that are much clearer now. Thank you for your interest and assistance in this matter.

UPDATED Nov 14 Appropriate DMs sent to me:

Hi Jann, We have witnessed a number of mentally ill, angry people on the SKIP bus going up and down Broadway, especially at times when they’re heading to the Homeless Shelter. I may be overstepping to assume, but to me it is pretty obvious who is homeless by what they carry, level of cleanliness, etc. What can we, as local residents, do about this situation? When I’ve returned from downtown at night, and our street is quite dark, I’ve had to think about what I’d do if one of the disturbed people followed me off the bus. I’m able, but not young. If you have any suggestions, I’d like to know who to call or write and if anyone at the city is interested in input about this. Finally, is there anything we can do for this couple? I would be happy to drive her/them if it works with our schedules or I would bring them groceries or anything else they might need. Joan Smith ………Joan , yes this is a serious problem and you have hit it perfectly. It seems security on the 208 bus by RTD or city is the solution. But getting council to see this rationally is a problem.. so the best we can do here is try to help solve one crime at a time and make sure the perpetrator gets prison time. it sends a message down onto the streets. Janine Kotre, Newlands


Hi Jann. I am part of a group called SAFE Boulder. It was started by Chris Centeno, the doctor who lives on Mapleton Hill who found a convicted felon living in his basement while his family slept upstairs. He organized a group to try to tackle the increasing threats that have come along with the influx of homeless. The SAFE Boulder group has a listserve and posts various meetings that they’ve organized to address city council, police etc. I am wondering how to reach several of the people on your thread to see if they want to be on that listserve. Specifically I am wondering how to reach the victim’s husband. You are invited to join as well. Thank you. Janine

You Hi I have been invited before. I am interested in receiving emails. I have also been on the front lines of this issue since 1990 one in Boulder and in Denver and I’ve done quite a few videos written a lot and reported a lot of stories. So I’m with you on this for sure.. I will forward your email to the husband but they are very upset right now. There is another court hearing tomorrow. the perpetrator is being charged with a very serious crime and she will go to the women’s penitentiary. in cases like this people call me and then I go to the chief of police, the DA and make things happen. I try to solve one major crime by homeless thugs at a time. I am not very forgiving when it comes to these violent crimes . thanks Jann

From Melissa Healy, Newlands Jann Thank you for sharing the information concerning the 72 year old woman who was pulled from the bus. I hate seeing post detailed and turned political. I worry about elderly people in the area with mentally unstable people on the streets targeting them. I know there are many decent people who find themselves in a bad situation and become homeless, but the mentally unstable and drug abusers are a serious problem and endanger other’s safety. Not sure what I can do to help, but it breaks my heart hearing about that woman being hurt like that and I’d like to help in someway. ………….Hi. Thanks yes I forwarded your message to the couple. But you are absolutely correct in your assessment and people do like to turn this into a political issue. I just couldn’t have that it would revamp demise this poor lady. In the entire neighborhood because they all came out to help I mean Broadway was closed down with police and fire and ambulance and neighbors out Jann -End-

Aya JT, Rural North Boulder· This is heartbreaking on so many levels. Public transportation should be safe for everyone and affordable. But our city gives free bus rides to these type of homeless people and the homeless feel entitled to the public bus. It’s no longer a safe alternative transportation for families, workers, or elderly people. I can’t even handle no one stepped in from the bus, to help this elderly person. Thank goodness someone in a car, nonetheless, was able to assist. It seems like there needs to be security personnel on the buses for everyone’s safety.

Ronda Lawrence, Rural North Boulder· And no one on the bus came to her rescue??? When we do nothing, we are silently acquiescing and risk immoral behaviors becoming “normal”. Stand up….speak up! Makes me wonder what homelessness, shameless assault, and robbery (including scams), especially on our more vulnerable populations, are societal symptoms of? Why are people so desperate they will do this to their fellow human beings? Why are our basic standards of respect, honor and compassion degrading so much, so fast in this country? John Mayer, Rural North Boulder· Very sad to hear this. I am curious how this will be handled by the courts. Clearly this person needs to serve a prison sentence. We should follow-up and even attend the court hearing and trial as show of support for the victim. This has not been mentioned in the Camera…how can we follow up. Is the name of the arrested woman known?

Andy Malkiel, Rural North Boulder· This is really shocking and sad to hear. I wish the woman who got beaten up a speedy and full recovery. I’m guessing there are so few responses to this, because it is so shocking and people don’t know what to do. Does anyone have any suggestions of a course of action that we should take to help prevent things like this from happening in the future, and is there anything the elderly couple needs while she recovers?

Pete Wysong, Rural North Boulder· That’s awful. I’m glad the attacker was jailed. But how do you know she was homeless? Edited 9h ago · 44 neighborhoods in Crime & Safety ThankReplyReply

  Nele New, Newlands·2d ago I’m crestfallen that this has happened and no one came to her immediate aid. Please ask the victim if we as a community could offer support, such as a general healing fund for comfort care that may not be covered by insurance, such as massage or acupuncture or a gift certificate to The Trident or other businesses to which she takes the bus? Raymond Hayes Raymond Hayes, Olde Stage Settlement·2d ago Unbelievable!! PEOPLE DID COME TO HER AID , BUT THE ATTACK HAPPENED SO FAST.


My post on Nextdoor was taken down probably by someone complaining and filing a protest. so I put it up here.  Lynn Segal put it back up there.


Charlotte Knudson, Wonderland Hills·2d ago This problem is many fold. At present we do not properly assess the stability of a homeless person. Are they Homeless because of financial problems Are they responsible. are they drug addicts. Many drug addicts are psychotic and paranoid and that is well documented. We as a community blithely offer help. as a result we put others in jeopardy.

This is what comes with population explosions, when a town is growing faster than it is prepared for, and suddenly is saddled with big town problems. My neighborhood has been a victim of a lot of unforeseen crimes in just the last few months, and the one that’s been festering for my husband and I is directly involving the homeless. I have been following bike thefts because the owner of the trailer next to us has been taken over by a bunch of nonviolent (so far) Homeless predators. I don’t go along with the “they need our help” analysis, as these people are helping themselves- to other people’s property and potentially selling drugs. They should have been dealt with 4months ago, but the owner has allowed them to be there. He’s not there at night, but although we’ve called the police several times, they can’t do anything at all, because they have the owner ‘s okay. They say they can’t go inside to see the potential chop-shop (stealing & disassembling stolen bikes) operation, without a search warrant. Doesn’t it seem obvious that if he’s innocent of connections over there, why wouldn’t they ask him to open up, or why wouldn’t he help them by doing so himself?? The city requires an arduous eviction process which plays out over several weeks, Giving them an established place that’s now well connected. We had to have expensive security cameras surrounding our house because the “gang” walks in next door right passed our windows, not at regular hours or daylight hours, but particularly during the night and early morning hours, disturbing our sleep, and making us feel very unsafe and threatened. It doesn’t matter that they’re not necessarily violent right now, but there are shopping carts scattered around, and people you see in front of King Soopers, or on the street corners are finding their way there. Isn’t the owner liable for other people’s well-being if he is enabling this to continue, and at the psychological expense of his neighbors? By the way, we are NOT the only ones who are worried. I’m almost 72, but there are families here who wonder how safe they are. We’re all concerned for the future potentially becoming dangerous in many ways… My sincere condolences to the poor woman who was attacked, and that she has much support and many allies. Carol Teboe

·16h ago

Our elected leaders need to do something about this. Especially since a homeless youth faculty is being constructed on Pine St. If City Council can’t figure it out then maybe it’s time for some new leadership.

·13h ago

I opposed Attention Homes Pine Street location. Not a good place for homeless youth to hang out. Plus that is very valuable land and should be for public use, a park or civic space that can absorb the shock of the microapartment life Boulder has become. Judge Holmes himself would have wanted homeless teens in multiple graduated fostered homes and dispersed throughout town. Councils have been working on this for decades. The growth needs to stop.
I won’t turn this into a rant, but the bus on Broadway should be only for paying riders,and RTD should instigate a bus for the homeless shelter only. If there are some in the homeless community that are a threat and are causing citizens harm physically and/or psychologically, it’s time to change the free ride policy. Actually, to exacerbate the situation, RTD could be found liable for Anyone ‘s transportation that is harmed on or off the bus by allowing the perpetrator on the bus to begin with! Definitely one issue to be corrected. Carol Teboe
Hi Jann, I am thankful that you made the neighborhood aware of this incident, otherwise I think it would not received any attention. I am shocked that this happened as are many other residents, no doubt. I am also frustrated by comments that suggest you are attacking the homeless. Let’s be clear who the victim is here: its the poor woman who was beaten up, not the homeless criminal. I did a quick search on “Angelia Marie Bowen” who has a criminal record (she was jailed for several months in Douglas County in 2016). I don’t read the Camera regularly, but do not believe there was any mention of this so far. I suspect (hope I am wrong) that this is a result of a policy which does not publish such news in order to not offed and anger the homeless advocates in Boulder. In any case, I hope this woman goes to prison and does not hurt any more people. I am curious, does the Boulder homeless shelter admit individuals who have been convicted of violent crimes? Just curious … Anyway, keep up the good work, please keep us posted on the progress of the case as you get additional details. Thank You again John Mayer, North Boulder