OMG.. 🙂 Dealers like selling used cars because they can be marked up 300% depending. New cars, they only make 20 or 30% . So you have to watch it.

The best deals come this time of the year when “Program cars” come back. Dealers snap them up at the dealer car auction in Denver every Monday. Program cars are LEASE and Fleet vehicles being turned back in. . Usually same year or 1 or two years old. This is also the time of the year when they come in. December is the slowest month of the year for car sales. Dealers have to clear everything out by January 1st to end the year; in order to get better bank rates for them(not you) and better order allotments from the manufactures.

The best place to find cars right now is on the web. Look for the specific car 2018, 17 or 16. Example I found my son a 2 year old program car at Boulder Toyota for $7000. We did a wide search and it popped up. It is not that we wanted to go to Boulder Toyota. they had what we were looking for. we did a search for a 2015 vehicle for $7000. We bought it that Day on Dec. 27th. They had to move it.

Is the  dealer is your friend?
You have to work the numbers online. Car dealers are like strippers and prostitutes. You are the John. You think they love you.. lol… but when you leave the club , all of your money is gone.

Online car purchases and research is far more sophisticated. they can’t get into your head. and they are excellent at it,

I bought my 2016 VW Jetta in June 2016 for $15,800 (7000 under retail) from O’Meara VW on 104th. VW was pushing the cars out in the aftermath of the diesel scandal but the petro version is a perfectly good car and get 40 mph highway. But I did an online search.

do the Research online and buy a “program car”

If you want to buy an old car: ie 2015 or older, then forget it.. there are deals as in an actual deals.

How do I know all this. Among my many talents, I have been an automotive reviewer since 1969, a member of IMPA and RMAP and worked in the car industry for a period.

But with the interweb anybody can find the car they want for the price they need to pay… and have the dealers ship it here. or set the price with you online and then you go in and buy it. . good luck

the term Good Deal in the car business is synonymous with taking all of your money. don’t use it. Just work the number on line 🙂

(ps I worked for the Daily Camera and Colorado Daily in 2002 – 3 as their Auto Reviewer. They fired me for articles like this and Ford seriously threatened to suit me when I discovered a malfunction in the front wheel drive Saab turbo. a few years later Saab went broke.) ps I also reviewed cars on cable tv and online.