What is this ? Certainly not a Boulder County Opioid therapy group.

Boulder Opioid Treatment practically non existant. Boulder County Opioid Advisory Group fails.
Approximately 100 people die every year from narcotics overdoses up over a thousand percent since Boulder heroin hey day in the 70s.
Here is what is wrong.

1 First of all Boulder County has a bunch of Egghead therapists trying to treat addicts. Oh they have their master’s degree and CAC 3s in addiction, but they’re not recovering addicts and they cannot carry a message of Hope and Recovery. They have no experience and they have no success and treatment They are clinicians and they get paid by the hour.

2. They have one or two successes who they roll out as poster children and put them in the newspaper. terrible idea because they almost always relapse and go back on drugs and become terrible examples for Boulder County treatment programs.

3. Make no mistake about it all the counties opioid treatment programs are a complete and utter failure.

4. They have contempt for the recovery community and what actually works. Why ? because they can’t control it, the cant charge for it, the can’t bill the feds for it ,they cant send the bill to the state or the county for it so they’re contemptuous.

5. Addiction clinicians are the most arrogant people in the world. Funding them is a complete waste of money. they have zero success because they absolutely do not know what they’re doing.

6. I do know what I’m doing. I started the most successful drug treatment program in Boulder County and it’s absolutely free. Thousands of addicts have recovered in it. Does the county know what it is? NO. Why? Because they’re stupid. No seriously.. they live in a stupor; these people are really really really ignorant and stupid.

7. I was so successful at treating drug addicts, I started a radio program called addiction free radio which played on 137 radio stations around the country and  Armed Forces Radio. that radio show was also funded by the office of drug policy

But Radio shows are  not programs. it’s just information. so what is the program that is so successful that the county knows nothing about?

It treats 1000s of addicts every day of the week in Boulder. It treats opioid and narcotic addicts. What is the name of that program?? It’s absolutely free and does not cost the taxpayer a dime.?

What is the name of the program? Where thousands of drug addicts in Boulder County have recovered?

What is the name of the biggest most successful drug treatment program in Boulder County? Do you know what it is?