President Trump knocked it out of the park. 5 of 7 Americans approve of his 1st state of the Union  speech. All the

Can anyone beat him ?

news orgs are leaning his way this morning. It was a brilliantly produced TV show and captivating. You can see why he had the #1 rated show on NBC “The Apprentice” for years where millions of Americans watched.. Now if he hands the Dems a few tokens like DACA , work place leave for preggo ..

They don’t stand a chance !

He will be unstoppable. I actually think he is unstoppable now and have felt that since before the election… and Joe Kennedy III is no match, neither is E. Warren, Hillary C.  Bernie could be if the Dems got behind him… but they are too dumb to do that.

Maybe Bernie, but he won’t.

The Democrats seriously underestimate Donald Trumps ability to sway the entire country his way.

from the most liberal city in the USA ( except for California 🙂

Jann Scott, Boulder