That’s because Boulder has an African American population is  approximately 1.o5%. That is just about the lowest in any city in Colorado and one of the lowest in the United States. It is higher in numbers when the students are here.

Boulder has decided to make Juneteenth an official city holiday .   

Ohh No Not them!

Not exactly white women for Junenteenth.. More like KK women , but they are white and they are protesting

But who is likely to attend?  White Women.  Ever go to a Boulder Black Lives Matter rally? It is all  white women. Trevor Noah pointed that out last week. But still Juneteenth in Boulder? Really ? Will be about as popular as Kwanzaa at Christmas time 

I covered Juneteenth in Denver where there is a Black Community and it was an event. There were tents, food, a stage, bands preaching all sorts of cultural plays. but that’s denver. Boulder ? Boulder does not have a black community to speak of,.

CU student athletes participate in a Boulder Black Lives Matter march on June 5, 2020. (Photo by Bo Savage/University of Colorado)