Boulder city Council passed 6 gun control measures last night which is good, but I am concerned still.

Next the council must insure there is police protection in our schools. we need SROs back in all schools. School Resource Officers….. There is too much chatter on the gun forums about shooting up more schools. Boulder has a target on its back . The gun people will come back after us the way they did during the last assault weapons ban. The held 3 armed protests then and it is a wonder no one was shot . The police were out gunned .

Then Alissa came with an assault weapon and armor and killed ten of us. They wont stop. They will be back to kill more of us. The Boulder police needs to be ready and proactive.

Correction: The Mayor wrote to me and said “a majority of council actually voted in favor of working with the FBI on the Joint Terrorism Task Force. The MOU with the FBI was finalized recently.  ”    So my First impression was not accurate but some of the council members appeared to give the chief of police a hard time over the FBI. Have no doubt. We need the FBI and the ATF too now in order to make Boulder safe from shooters.