Originally to the Boulder City Council
Walmart Neighborhood Market closing hurts #boulder immigrants, working poor, disabled, indigent, disabled, seniors. 200 jobs lost. start @ $12.. Boulder hurt people.
This store served the major immigrant population in Boulder from Mexico Central America India the Middle East.
They also served many senior citizens and underprivileged and poor people. The prices were a 1/3 Whole Foods half of Safeway in King Soopers. A rotisserie chicken was 495 whereas King Soopers 795 Safeway 695 and Whole Foods 895.
The Boulder Elite may have hated Walmart grocery store but the poor and Working Poor depended on it.
do you realize what you’ve done by driving them out?
you know they start people at $12 an hour there?
200 working-class people will lose their jobs who don’t have transportation to outlying cities.
Walmart has the best handicap parking of any grocery store in the city .you should go in there. it is always packed with people in wheelchairs and crutches.
this is a time when your Progressive politics got right in the way and hurt a lot of disadvantaged people.
Boulder commies hurt people that you claim to Champion.
See this is what rich white educate rich silly people do. You won’t