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This is the NEW website for Jann Scott’s Journal. Jann Scott’s Journal has been running since 1998 from Boulder Colorado. It is a written commentary by Boulder’s most famous cultural icon and futurist and talk show host. Nothing is sacred here. This is a burning look at the smartest, happiest, richest , whitest city in America. Jann Scott is the voice of reason from Boulder.

I stayed alive during the Vietnam war; here’s how

One way I stayed alive during the Vietnam War Was make sure I never went there. I stayed in school at Windham College, kept my grades up and kept my student deferment until the lottery came out and then the lottery passed Me By in 1968. I was in college from 1965 until 1968 during the largest build up. It also helped that we had a lot of hippie girls from my high school who worked at the draft board and made sure a lot of us boys never got drafted. And they did that their own peril.

But there was no way in hell I was going to Vietnam. I knew what was going on there. I had friends who were there who would come back and say things to me like “you do not want to go to this place” they had that far off Warriors stare they had seen horrors in Vietnam.. and I believe them.
I had College friends who flunked out and were immediately drafted
.went to boot camp then went to Vietnam and we’re killed within 5 months.
You have to remember the entire country, especially the university and college population, was in an uproar over this war. there were protests demonstrations and shutdowns on every campus all across the United States.
Vietnam was not only a pointless unwinnable War. the chances of the Viet Cong coming to the United States and invading us was zero. The chances of winning the war or zero because the White House would not let the generals win the war so why would I ever want to go and fight in an unwinnable War and that was pretty much my view…………….
I wasn’t going to talk about this. part I usually have talked about it in other pieces that I’ve written in Jann Scott’s Journal but and this is a big but,
I got married and divorced between 1969 and 1971. where I ran an underground magazine in New England called country senses magazine . It folded in 1971. I went to Great Britain where I got a job at International Times my job was among other things, an American correspondent. . also worked in their marketing department . but one of the things that I wrote about was the Irish Republican Army war in Great Britain and their war with United States.
In 1972 and 1973 the IRA sent letter bombs to American senators and they blew the hands off of American secretaries who work for the Senators .I became a contact for the IRA since I was an American and they felt that they could trust me to get their side of the story out .for some reason they thought I would be sympathetic since International times was a leftist anti-American newspaper. t the same time I got a visit from the US state department who invited me to come to the American Embassy in London for an interview ,them interviewing me and me interviewing them about these letter bombs going to the United States.
It was at that point that I was recruited. they showed me pictures of girls my age with their hands and faces blown off by these Ira bombers. I switched from being SMI leftist to an American Patriot. I didn’t want to do anything to help these Irish Republican Army bastards blow up American girls . the state department said that I could be instrumental in stopping these letter bombs from getting to the United States and I was ..I became involved and by December of 1973 I help put an end to the letter bombs coming to the USA by infiltrating the Irish Republican Army as an American and as a CIA spy . It was as dangerous as in as hot as any firefight in Vietnam I will assure you.
to me that was a a war worth fighting yep I was a CIA spy. it was illegal as hell. A friend of mine at the New York Times wrote a book about how the CIA recruited newspaper reporters and UsaDS workers illegally all over the world.. iI thought it was worthwhile if I could stop the IRA from killing girls my age that was a noble cause.
I had a license to Kill a license to carry a gun I couldn’t be arrested for drunk driving for cocaine I couldn’t be arrested for s*** and I wasn’t . I had what was called G2 clearance on my passport and on my driver’s license and any run-in with the police on my part was always met with` have a have a good evening sir mr. Scott may we assist you in getting a cab ride home?”
they also gave me Cash American Cash g I was making 10 times the amount of money that I was a newspaper reporter. But they sent me to Belfast and as Londonderry on assignment.. I ended up in a combat zone after all with not very much God damn training… it was all on the job…. Hellfire Barb Barb Wire Centurion tanks British troops 16 year old carrying M16 bought on the black market all of them trying to kill my ass how I ever made it out of there is a goddamn miracle
I had a CIA Handler a captain in the US Army who became one of my best friends .the weird part is we are all anti-war leftists. what a lot of people don’t realize is the CIA was gigantic. we were all over the world back then we were in the Millions . We were all over Europe all over Russia all over Eastern Europe we were all over South America remember Ayende? And yes we were in Vietnam by the thousands and there’s no mention of them. and there won’t be in this Ken Burns documentary because the CIA wasn’t there and they don’t say s*** about anything ever and now I’m an old man I don’t really give a f*** I mean what can they do kill me haha

President Obama calls out Donald Trump

This is the best video ever of president Obama describing Donald Trump. It is worth a view and accurate.

Boulders Zayo enters politics and it’s stock take a dive

Zayo enters Boulder politics and their stock tanks and executive officers either get fired or quit. What’s up with that? and earnings are off?
other Boulder rights besides me say they are trying to buy the next City Council