FBI Director Robert Mueller dressed up as J. Edgar Hoover at tyranny girl convention in DC 2012

What the hell happened over at the FBI??What is director Bob Mueller thinking. ?  Has he attempted a coup d’état ?  Why did Mueller have his FBI agents go after Americas much beloved CIA Director David Petraeus ?  In a time of war in the middle East when the CIA has it’s hands full keeping America safe, why did Bob Mueller go after the head of our Central Intelligence Agency?  The CIA for Christs sake.

Mueller is either stupid, mean, or a crazed nelly out to rape the handsome head of CIA.  I definitely think his Bolla is in a twist..  FBI has a history of “mean girls” working for them and this is just beyond the pale.

The FBI also has a history of sabotaging Central Intelligence work around the world. FBI and CIA never work well together and I for one am pretty God Damned fed up with this shit. How about You?

Bob Mueller has endangered the entire USA with this fucked up stunt.  The president must fire him immediately   He has to go.  He can no longer effectively run the FBI.

I call upon gay Boulder congressman Jared Polis to investigate the FBI

Or did the white house order the FBI to get David Petraeus over the CIA fucked up mission in Bengazi. Jesus Christ.
I hope not.

Matt Drudge says White House ordered the whole thing to coincide after election: Why didn’t they just fire him???

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The FBI is now a bumbling idiot organisation who no one in the intelligence community will ever trust. Certainly not the CIA. But NSA won’t deal with them. Neither will any forigen intelligence agency.. Who the fuck is ever going to trust them ?

They are eating their own in the American intelligence community for goodness sake. And on the day of the new James bond movie release too. Is their nothing sacred?? The kids over at New Scotland Yard and MI-6 must be laughing their asses off at us.

Mueller has defineately gone off the reservation  Get him out of the FBI now.

Here I’ll fire him.
Fuck you Bob, You’re fired” Pack your shit clean out your dessssk.

Jann Scott
From a city where everybody’s OUT

Jann Scott
Boulder, Colorado