Jann Scott’s Journal

Are you expecting me to believe that the director of the Central Intelligence Agency for the United States of America was unseated by two dumb married bimbos named Paula Broadwell and Jill Kelley??

If that is really the case then General David Petraeus was set up by shear stupidity and his incompetence to do the Job.

We are talking about the CIA here. The world largest counter espionage agency in the world. It is 15 times the size of the renown British intelligence.  It finances 125 other Intelligence agencies world wide. It’s budget is nearly the size of the Department of Defense. CIA budget comes from 27 combined budgets putting it at approximately 1.6 trillion dollars topping the defense budget of 600 Billion dollars.

My CIA destabilizes governments, assassinates heads of states. funds armed rebellions in the middle East including the one which sacked the US Embassy in Benghazi.

What really happened over at CIA? I don’t think the good general had the stomach for the job.  I mean, considering. CIA is in charge of all kinds of illegal activities abroad: like spying, robbing , stealing, misinformation, lying cheating and killing.  So what happened??

The head of the CIA doesn’t get caught up in a sex scandal.  It does not happened and anyone who has ever worked at CIA knows that.  They aren’t that sloppy over there.  Somebody fucked David Patraius because he wouldn’t play ball and do his job. that somebody was Barrack Obama.  Obama wanted Patraius out and the FBI made sure it happened right after the election. Right? Two days after the election the scandal broke.  The FBI was complicit.

Bengahzi was clearly Petraeus falt. He let the embassy be taken. He did not send in special ops to hold the fort. He sat on his dead ass and got everybody killed.  Rear Adm. Charles M. Gaouette sat on his aircraft carrier Stennis strike group and would not send in the Marines to secure the Embassy. That’s what happened.   He has since been relieved of his command and is now under investigation for conspiracy and treason.

Patraisu then gave the White House and state department bad information. He conspired to ruin the election for Barrack Obama with his Republican Cronies and it back fired. Petraeus and the Republicans are behind the Bengahzi attack.  Petraeus armed the Alcaida rebels who attacked the embassy. He orchestrated it. Then when it went down he would not send in the Calvary.

He used the CIA to rig the election and when it didn’t work the White House set about to really fuck him up,  His co conspirator John Allen was also caught up in the Scandal.  Before this is over Obama will fire all of the Generals in the Middle East. There are a few admirals on their way out.

The Republican tried to do to Obama what they did to Carter. But Obama got wise to them through the FBI and he set them up.  That is why Romney went nuts when he didn’t win.  He thought the fix was in.

We Americans want a CIA that is tough as balls and we don’t want anybody fucking around with it.  We don’t want any Arab Spring here and we don’t want any Jihad attacks on any American installations anywhere.

Now lets get our black ops up and running again and lets get the Republicans out of the CIA.

This is a bit of an embarrassment for all of the men and women who work for the CIA.  They are  going to have to reestablish street cred.  You know our enemies are laughing at us.  On the other hand getting rid of a boy scout like Petraeus with a sex scandal is  poetic justice and they ALL KNOW IT.

So is everybody tracking on this one.

Straight up General Petraeus and Admiral Gaouette cause a near coup  on their watch during a hot war

Jann Scott

Boulder Colorado