Occupy Denver has made the front pages across America today. Why? Because the police tried to force ably remove the protesters from Civic Park. BIG MISTAKE The mayor, Governor or police have absolutely no idea what is at hand here. I am old enough to remember the police pushing everybody around during the 60s. Most Boomers are. And we don’t like seeing a bunch of politicians and cops pushing our kids and grand kids around. It’s beginning to piss us off. Word to the wise. Leave our kids the hell alone and go after the Bankers.

Now in Boulder the police and city are smart enough and professional enough that they would never ever get caught up in trying to bust up peaceful protests. congrats.

Mountain Bikers I find myself agreeing again with Macon Cowles. He seems to be smarting up as he ages. I do ride a Mountain Bike. At 65 I go easy, but from my auto racing days on dirt I still know how to put a few moves on the kids in a corner. But cyclists have a tendency to be rude and run people off bike paths and trails. So they need to take their fast bikes out in the woods where walkers, strollers, hikers, moms kids and seniors won’t get run over.

Marijuana    I do think the entire medical marijuana con should be turned into legalized  pot sold in liquor stores. It should be controlled, packaged, taxed to beat all hell and let it fund Medicare.  What other drugs are out there that are popular? Coke? Heroin? Legalize them too. Tax em and finance health care and social security. Lets legalize prostitution too. Fuck it. Just legalize and control all vice. Tax vice and fund treatment.  That will essentially eliminate big crime and we as a country can get on with living. I mean what the hey, drug sales, prostitution are huge in America. The are not going away and we are losing 100s of billions in tax revenues. Leave the morality to the churches, treatment to the Docs and decriminalize all of this bullshit.

From Americas most famous small city

Jann Scott

Boulder Colorado