North Korea Cyber Attack… this week on Sony is just one of many attacks on the United States over the past 5 years. First there was Wiki leaks by US Army private Bradley Manning and Julian Assang who published sensitive U.S. military and diplomatic documents . Manning is in Prison for 35 years. He also seems to have gone nuts there too… He is now claiming to be a women. Apparently, the pressure was so great  ” he went Gay ” as some of his army buddies claim.  Assang is hunted and has a price on his head. He is hiding in the Ecuador Embassy in London. What is up with Ecuador ? Assange is wanted by Sweden for sexual crimes.  Both Assange and Manning are darlings of the Hacker community and anarchists.  But none the less they are cyber criminals and one could claim terrorists. The world community will now have to look at these two more candidly.

Then there was Edward Snowdon who, while working for the NSA, leaked everything. He then took all the files to all of our adversaries including China, North  Korea and Russia. He now lives in Russia and is a pawn in their game against the USA. He too is popular among Millenniums. He is considered a traitor, but the USA has treated him with kid gloves. Yet, he is considered the most damaging hacker to national security. I mean , this guy is the cause of our current cyber war with China and North Korea. How he ever became an American anti-hero is mind boggling.

Next, China led cyber military actions against the USA, and were caught caught red-handed so to speak. They were reprimanded by the USA. China has been notorious in it’s attacks. Since America has business relations with china we let it all pass even though China broke into american companies and military installations. What they did was an act of war. Cyberwar.. but war nonetheless.

In this latest attack by North Korea, government officials are telling the NY Times that China led the whole thing. China trained the North Koreans, educated them and set up their Cyber warfare department. North Korea is essentially the bad boy puppet state of China.

So now what ????
Now that cyber hacking warfare is out of the box, where will it all end???? No place good for the future. It could lead to Electronic Warfare or EW involving the use of the electromagnetic spectrum (EMS) or directed energy (DE)  But North Korea is still on paper. They don’t have any computers or internet. They use paper file folders. Up until now no nation has launched a cyber attack with devastating consequence. We could do it. We could put bursts out over North Korea and shut down all of their power facilities and destroy all of their electrical power stations. We could do worse to china.

If we start whipping EMS attacks around there will be hell to pay…. But it could be coming. The United States has USSTRATCOM :Joint Electronic Warfare Center which is rearing to go.  Nobody is talking about this, but we have sophisticated weapons that can knock the crap out of any country on Earth. So do they.

What a mess
from the Dope  hacking capital of America
Jann Scott
Bouldern Colorado

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