Oh No…. Gamms Fund the Dairy

Nazi 1

Leni Riefenstahl Nazi film maker celebrated by city of Boulder as a great women film maker even though she was responsible for millions of deaths in the Reich.

Every Time somebody donates money to the Dairy Center for Performing Arts it pisses me off to no end.  Why ? Well, it is not because I am anti arts… on the contrary.. I am an artist; writer,Actor, photographer, designer, and film maker…. so I am not against the arts.  Oh really.., well then Jann what is it ? Pray tell.

OK here goes again for the umteenth time incase you just moved to Boulder.

Nazi 7

Jann Scott and Peter Eggen parody city Nazis

When the Dairy Center was first built and opened in the mid 90’s there was a component that was Key. It was the addition of the South East wing of the Building which cost $300,000 of my money. My Comcast dollars.  Comcast Built an entire TV studio called studio 54.  Then Comcast kicked in another $450,000 of my Comcast money to finance the operation of a local Public access TV Channel for an entire year. Every year Comcast gave you $300,000 to operate this local access channel for one year on into infinity.

It was state of the Art and won awards and honorable mentions all across the country… Then something horrible happened. The board of public access changed. They had no idea what they were doing. The censorship started. First all of the art was censored, then all of the programming and performance was censored. Then the city got involved and censored even more.

nazi 5

City and Dairy Center celebrate Gamms million dollar gift to facism

Before it was over the city shut the channel down and cut a deal with Crocs who opened the Boedecker Theater which the Dairy Center has total control over… So the people involved in ruining public access TV in Boulder are Richard Polk and Sue Deans dairy power couple old farts.  Macon Cowles and his wife who are a couple of Commie fascist who need to control everything. The sister broads , Robin Beeck, who now run BIFF but once controlled the channel. In the end  they stole Channel 54s premier event and turned it into their private money maker. The guys who started Digital Arts also led the board for years , but made such a mess of it , they opened their own shop.. Bruce Borowsky. The city then hired a guy from California named Tony Perri to run things..He imploded after a series of missteps and moved back to the beach  to make surfing dog videos.  Then Alan Ohashi took over and he lost his ass and the whole thing shut down… where it remains to this day. Dark as night. Channel 54 as black as a Nazi SS Uniform... a city staffer recently told me “they never want to go through that again nor have the council involved even remotely with public access. ” Crystal Gray, former Mayor told me ” the council who interfered had absolutely no concept of what public access tv was… they were the wrong people at the wrong time”

Public access channel 54 shut down by corrupt city officials and their goons.  So when suckers like Gordon and Grace Gamm step up and drop a cool million on this scandalous Dairy Center for performing arts, I just want to pass out…  They are adding to the right winged agenda of the corrupt cabal who suppress freedom of Speech in Boulder.  The Dairy  shut down true video and digital art in Boulder.


Jann Scott Boulder public TV free speech hero during recent shoot at Tetons.

Yep,they tried to shut me up…. but Comcast hired me immediately to broadcast on their state wide Local origination channel. Then the School district put my shows on their channel BV-22 where I can be seen nightly at 9:00pm.  That has been going on since November  2007 when the city put Nazi SS troops in charge of free speech  and turned channel 54 dark.

So there

from phony free speech Boulder

Jann Scott

Jann Scott is the voice of Boulder.