Dear Jane

First let me say, I think you have been doing an excellent job as city manager.  This coming from someone who has been critical of most city officials over the years.  In part it is my job.  Also, though I have never met you, you have given me nor anyone concerned with free press a reason  to complain. It is a far sight from your predecessors.  I think you have resolved the public access TV issue remarkably well. Though we don’t have free public access TV anymore , we do have educational access TV and it fills the void for all citizens interested. Having BVSD run it is a good move, because they don’t cause problems.

I also think the city and police have interacted well with the occupy Boulder movement. Tonight they are camped on the front lawn of the municipal building. That’s very nice. They are our children.  And they are doing what we did’; protest the injustices of powerful corporations who don’t pay taxes and big banks who attempt to enslave us all. So they need protesting.

Personally, I would have suggested that the kids protested the homes of Boulder bankers who swindle people, rather than the city manager who is trying to keep the lid on all of it.

In any event  I support occupys political tactics.  I think when a group who are trying to fight for freedom and against greed or intolerance, run into road blocks, they will change the rules in public policy.  I certainly did. They people who stood up to the city over lack of free speech concerning public access TV, took radical steps to be heard. I did from 2005 to 2007. The city council and the city manger were under daily attacks by video, blogs and speech at council.  Did it solve anything ?  It showed without resolution they would remain under siege.

Much holds true with occupy Boulder.  Until the banks and corporations are held accountable by the city, occupy is not going away. That is the issue. Not the protesters. They are Boulders children carrying on.

Jann Scott

from Boulder Colorado