brad feldBoulders Brad Feld the Tec Star multi millionaire is reporting on his blog, Feld Thoughts that he ended up in the Boulder emergency room last night with a blood clot in his leg.
Blood clots are very dangerous and often not caught. They can make their way to either the heart or the brain or clog a  blood vessel someplace and cause catastrophic damage. They lead to strokes and heart attacks
They are often fatal. This is a near miss for Feld who is reportedly resting at home taking blood thinners.  

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how to kill yourself with zero pacing.

Last year Feld wrote about depression and how he was dealing with it. Then this year he’s finally struck with a blood clot. 2 years ago Feld wrote a book with David Cohen called Do More Faster  a manual for entrepreneurs on how to burn the candle at both ends. When I saw the title I shuttered and thought ” Oh my God this guy has no clue”
But the do more faster lifestyle philosophy is not exactly the Boulder way. it is more the New York City Way or  The Wall Street Way. Feld who is known for working incredible amounts of hours, getting little sleep and running marathons is Boulders startup Guru. But one has to question this startup genius.  Does he plan on publicly working himself to death at an early age? He is well on his way. 

Boulder has had many gurus over the years who all seem to have the answer to life. There was Trungpa Rinpoche who dragged a lot of people down the road buddhism and  alcoholism  and aids through unprotected sex. A lot of people died following that guy.

Feld is leading people into workaholism. He and Tech Stars have a nationwide following.  Unfortunately we are getting to watch him implode along the way.  He should be used as a good bad example on how not to lead your work life. Maybe he’ll smarten up. After all Boulder is a place where people come to live an alternative lifestyle of peace, prosperity, health,wellness at a sane pace. I like Brad Feld and I’d like to see him live and not go the way of Janis, Jim, or Mama Cass.

Jann Scott

from the workaholic capital of America

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