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This is the NEW website for Jann Scott’s Journal. Jann Scott’s Journal has been running since 1998 from Boulder Colorado. It is a written commentary by Boulder’s most famous cultural icon and futurist and talk show host. Nothing is sacred here. This is a burning look at the smartest, happiest, richest , whitest city in America. Jann Scott is the voice of reason from Boulder.

“Hey Hey, Ho Ho…”

Ever wonder where this chant comes from? ” hey hey ho ho”
It originally went like this “hey hey Ho Ho, Ho Chi Minh, the NLF is going to win” it was shouted at anti-war protests during the Vietnam war here in the United States. The NLF stood for National Liberation Front which was a decidedly communist organization. Thus the term new left was given to anti-war protect protesters in the USA. It’s also why there are claims that

protests that you here and see that start out with hey hey ho ho are also communist inspired. And they are
I would know this because I was reporter during the Vietnam war and I covered all of it including the NLF

Downtown Boulder sidewalks are crowded

Boulder streets and SIDEWALKS are crowded because of Better Boulder, Zayo and everyother GREEDHEAD who wants to turn us into the 3rd Reich! except worse….Image result for mall crawl  Boulder colorado
Do you know what I like about the new buildings being built in Boulder especially downtown to 30th Street?? The buildings are built right to the sidewalks. The sidewalks R narrow. the sidewalks are crowded and young Millennials force senior citizens off the sidewalks and into the streets to be hit by cars.
this was the genius of your planning department and approved by the Boulder City Council shame on all of you please cut the crap

People who do not believe in Evolution

I find it hard to believe that lower IQ people and lower IQ preachers actually push this nonsense but we need lower IQ people.