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This is the NEW website for Jann Scott’s Journal. Jann Scott’s Journal has been running since 1998 from Boulder Colorado. It is a written commentary by Boulder’s most famous cultural icon and futurist and talk show host. Nothing is sacred here. This is a burning look at the smartest, happiest, richest , whitest city in America. Jann Scott is the voice of reason from Boulder.

Dems move to impeach Donald Trump

Should president Donald J Trump be impeached?? Official impeachment proceedings begin the beginning of Donald J Trump. What do you think? Is there enough to impeach him? Should he be impeached? On what basis should he be impeached? Did you vote for him or not?

Boulder Techstars push for Isreal

Text Stars Israel is one of our most favorite countries in the Middle East not just because they are the only Jewish state, and because they are so well educated. They stand up for what’s right all the time. I have been there trained with their military, covered them as a journalist. They are a startup hi-tech state. They have equality for women and always have. their military is #1 bar non. They are ions ahead of most of the barbaric Arab states.
Why exactly has the Israeli city garnered such a glittering reputation in the startup community?

Suzanne Jones should remain mayor. Mary Young is too radical.

Anybody but Mary Young. She is not fit to be Boulder Mayor. She does not know how to run a balanced meeting and let all points of view be heard.she constantly plays the race card. I’ve had run-ins with her and really was shocked by her behavior. you need to be a balanced individual in order to be mayor. Suzanne Jones has done an excellent job at that.
she does not let her personal views or opinions get in the way of managing a meeting or of hearing all points of view.
If Mary young becomes mayor she will likely shut down free speech at City Council meetings and get the city suit again.

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